If you or someone you know is at risk of seriously harming themselves or someone else, Call 911. For Other After Hours Emergencies, Call 1-800-442-7315

Wraparound is a process that is Family Centered, Parent Owned, Community Based, Culturally Competent, Strength Based, Needs-Driven, Focused on Normalization, and Personalized to the needs of the child and family.  All Working Toward GROWTH & EMPOWERMENT In Youth and Families. Wraparound is a unique process that is based on individual family needs.  It is an unconditional commitment to create services on a “one child at a time” basis to support normalization for youth with complex needs and their families.


Basic Criteria for Wraparound:

  • Referred children are typically between ages of 5 and 17 years old
  • Family must be willing to work as part of a team
  • Two or more community services (detention/courts/school/DHS/CMH) are or have been involved
  • The child’s current arrangements are not working
  • The child is about to return to the community from a structured setting
  • Community Services have been denied or exhausted
  • The family or caregiver is about to give up on a child
  • Nothing else has worked and the child is at risk of out-of-home placement


For more information please contact:   Regina – Program Director of Family Services at (989)345-5571