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Board Long-term Plan Proposal FY 2014


Administrative Task Forces: are assigned tasks that can be accomplished in a brief time, with no anticipated need for policy changes or significant program changes requiring Board action.  In all cases, the work of these groups will be reported to Board Committees for review and, ultimately, to the Board for review. Where Board action is required, the typical Board process will be engaged. 

Goal 1:  To enhance the level of program services and innovations within the three county region. 

Membership:  Dr. Beck and various associates, consumers, staff, and family members.


Goal Objectives Goal Champion Board Committee Reporting Dates
Enhance the level of program awareness in the community. Program Director’s will develop a presentation for use with community groups to help educate them in respect to AVCMHA services Dr. Beck Executive and Finance Committee October 2013 – May 2014
Produce two educational videos for use in the orientation of consumers, family members, staff, and the community Dr. Beck, Ms. Miller, and Mr. Williams March 2014
Formulate a new Agency website for staff and Board use. Dr. Beck, Mr. Overholt and task force members (staff) September 2014


Goal 2:  Institute the Human Resource System:  Provide leadership in the development of and daily successful operation of all aspects of Human Resources administration.  Directly operate fully compliant systems for hiring, certification of employment eligibility, orientation, training, credentialing, benefits administration, federal and state operations and compliance program such as FMLA, Unemployment, COBRA, and other duties a determined essential and beneficial to the Agency as determined by the Executive Director.

Membership:  Mr. Gray & select administrative staff.

Goal Objectives Goal  Champion Board Committee Reporting Dates
To institute the HR supervisor position and related essential functions. Develop a fully functional and beneficial Human Resources system, in accord with a two year plan approved by the Executive Director and the Board of Directors. Mr. Gray Personnel Committee Begin October 1, 2103.
  Design and manage an electronic personnel record system. Mr. Gray   September 2014
  Establish a system where all state and federal labor tracking, reporting, compliance mandates are planned for and met. Mr. Gray   January 2014
  Create a system for enhancing communications with staff regarding benefits, wellness, and morale enhancement. Mr. Gray   September 2014.

 Goal 3:  Develop and implement plans to enhance access to service and promote community based services for all consumers. 

Membership:  Ms. Otremba, Ms. Larsen, Ms. Demetrakeas, and Mr. LaCourse & work groups comprised of consumers, family, and staff. 

Goal Objectives Champion Board Committee Reporting Dates
Develop a method to expand the availability of outpatient Establish a plan to expand the number of payers AVCMHA will engage to provide outpatient services and enhance services to the mild/moderate population. Ms. Otremba & Ms. Demetrakeas Program Committee December 2013
Establish a plan to expand the hours and days of outpatient service available, as well as the location(s) of such services, both within and outside AVCMHA offices. Ms. Otremba & Ms. Demetrakeas As above January 2014
Develop a plan to increase the availability of community based Create a plan to ensure the enhancement, expansion and implementation of a greater variety of community based care options. Ms. Larsen & Mr. LaCourse As Above December 2014
Establish a plan and method, via the team approach, to ensure that at minimum 60% of all CMS, ACT, CLS services are provided in the community. Ms. Larsen & Mr. LaCourse As above September 2104

 Goal 4:  Study the clinical and economic efficiency of the current access system and determine if other options are available to enhance access in light of health integration and enhanced access timeline expectations. 

Membership:  Ms. Tokarczyk, Ms. Otremba, Ms. Demetrakeas, and Ms. Miller, & community partners 

Goal Objective Champion Board Committee Reporting Dates
To propose an Access system based on emerging expectations and regulations and propose a plan to operatea clinically and economically

efficient Access System.

To study various regional and in state Access systems to serves as basis for developing an Access System proposal Ms. Tokarczyk Program Committee November 2013
Study the recoupable cost associated Various Access models.   December 2013
Discuss remote access models and Emergency services models to determine If combined programs promote better Access and economic efficiency.   March 2014
Propose a plan to enhance Access System used by AVCMHA to meet consumer needs and regulatory expectations.   May 2014

 Goal 5:  Implement changes that will enhance communications and provide better support to consumers, parents & community members. 

Membership:  Diane Pelts, Phil LaCourse, Craig Williams, Sue Buresh, & Kathy Minor, with family, consumer, and community partners. 

Goal Objectives Champion Board Committee Reporting Dates
Implement changes that will enhance communications and provide better support to parents. Develop parent support groups (adult, youth, DD). Sue Buresh &Kathy Minor Program Committee September 2012
Create pamphlets and other publications for communicating essential Agency information to consumers, family members, and community agency staff. Phil LaCourse& Craig Williams November 2012
Provide information that will reflect the effectiveness of the programs operated by AVCMHA Establish a method for annually and Semi-annually tracking and publishing Agency outcomes, service innovations and value (outcomes vs. cost). Diane Pelts November 2012

 Work Groups: are charged with larger tasks that will require significant Board involvement, including policy and budget considerations, to implement.  In all cases, the nature of the work groups is advisory in nature, and to generate recommendations to be considered through the normal Board process.  In some instances, the work will require the involvement of multiple Committees as some items may overlap Committee boundaries.  In such cases, the Committee with original responsibility will complete its work before sending the recommendations on to another Committee for consideration. 

Goal 6:  Consider how AVCMHA can expand the scope and intensity of co-occurring services to both youth and adult mild and moderate populations, within the AVCMHA system and through work with community health partners and third party payers. 

Members:  Ms. Spleet, Ms. Otremba, Ms. Miller & community partners 

Program Committee Goal Objectives Membership Champions Deliverables Report Dates
To determine if expansion in the scope of the youth co-occurring treatment Program is needed and feasible in the three county Complete a needs assessment to determine the level of unmet need for Youth co-occurring treatment and the funding options available. Ms. Spleet, Ms. Miller &Community partners and non-supervisory staff Miller and Spleet Survey results and analysis January2014
Based on needs and funding options (including CA funding) develop a proposal to meet the community need for Youth Co-occurring services As above As above As above May 2014
Determine if expansion in the scope of the adult co-occurring Treatment Program is needed and feasible for the  mild/moderate population. Complete a needs assessment To determine the level of unmet need for adult co-occurring treatment and funding options available. Ms. Otremba, Ms.Miller & community partners and nonsupervisory staff. Otremba and Miller As above February2014
Based on needs and funding Options(including CA funding) Develop a proposal to  meet the community needs for Co-occurring treatment  with Mild/moderate adults. As above As above MeritEvaluationModel


July 2014

 Goal 7: (CONTINUATION) To support a work force development model that provides fiscal support to staff seeking new skills, credentials, or a degree  consistent with the work force needs of AVCMH. 

Membership: Current team in place. 

PersonnelCommittee Goal Objectives Membership Champions Deliverables  Report Dates
Staff Growth &Development:Recruitment and retention To enhance the recruitment and retention of qualified Design  plan to support student loan repayment using state, federal & agency resources. Staff Ms. Pelts Deliver a method to assist with student loan repayment using state, federal, and AVCMH resources. November2013

 Goal 8:  To provide annual training to consumers and parents regarding choice, self-determination, advance directives. 

Membership:  Phil LaCourse, Craig Williams and case management supervisors and home supervisors 

ProgramCommittee Goal Objectives Membership Champion Deliverable Report Dates
To inform and educate consumers, family members, and guardians of choice and self-determination options. To provide a least two trainings annually in the region regarding consumer choice and self-determination. Mr. LaCourse, Mr. Williams, an supervisors Mr. LaCourse and Mr. Williams Training dates and outlines, power point, and handouts ContinuousThrough September 2014
To inform and educate consumers, family members, and guardians about advance directives. Provide annually, at least two trainings in the region regarding advance directives. As above As above Training dates and outlines, power point, and handouts ContinuousThrough September 2014

 Goal 9:  (CONTINUATION) Develop and implement a plan to enhance local cultural awareness to include an ongoing anti-stigma campaign and other programs to support community integration.         

Membership:  Ms. Tokarczyk, ACM supervisors and consumers/family 

ProgramCommittee Goal Objectives Members Champion Deliverables ReportDates
Consumer & CommunityPartners Work Group To Reduce Stigma via education Develop and conduct asurvey to determine communityattitude(s) regarding mental health issues. Consumers,ACM supervisor,staff Ms. Tokarczyk Provide analysis of survey results October 2013
Develop and initiate a campaign to address stigma. As above Report a plan to implement theState approved anti-stigmacampaign material December2013
Develop a model for a community advisory committee. As above Report recommendations for a community advisory committee March 2014

 Goal 10: Study the current and anticipated of demand for psychiatric services and various service options available to meet future demand. 

Membership:  Ms. Miller, Dr. Ibrahim, youth parent(s), consumers, and at least one community partner 

Personnel &ProgramCommittees Goal Objective Membership Champions Deliverables ReportDates
Conduct a survey of adult & youth psychiatric service needs in the three county region Develop an understanding ofcurrent and future youth & adult psychiatricservice needs. AVCMHA staff, community partners, consumers Ms. Miller and Dr. Ibrahim Survey results with analysis January 2014
Develop service and staffing proposals Develop a proposal to provide services consistent with needs. As above As above Provide a proposal for staffing at a level consistent with needs. April 2014
Develop Principles for psychiatric service options including Telepsychiatry, and the use of mid-levels and other partner services Develop program plan design to allow psychiatric service needs to be met, that engage technology and various providers as a means to provide efficient cost effective services. As above As above Provide a detailedprogram descriptiondefining the operations and options for providing psychiatric services July 2014