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Community Living Supports (CLS) are activities provided by paid staff that help adults with either serious mental illness or developmental disabilities live independently and participate actively in the community. Community Living Supports may also help families who have children with special needs (such as developmental disabilities or serious emotional disturbance).  The supports are based on the individual’s goals, choices and priorities as identified through an individual support plan and may be provided in the participant’s residence or in community settings.

Coverage includes assisting, reminding, observing, guiding and/or training in the following activities:

  • meal preparation
  • laundry
  • routine, seasonal, and heavy household care and maintenance
  • activities of daily living (e.g., bathing, eating, dressing, personal hygiene)
  • shopping for food and other necessities of daily living
  • socialization and community involvement


Before services can be started, you will take part in an assessment to find out if you are eligible for services. It will also identify the services that can best meet your needs. You need to know that not all people who come to us are eligible, and not all services are available to everyone. If a service cannot help you, the community mental health service program will not pay for it. Medicaid will not pay for services that are otherwise available to you from other resources in the community.

During the person-centered planning process, you will be helped to figure out the medically necessary services that you need and the sufficient amount, scope and duration required to achieve the purpose of those services. You will also be able to choose who provides your supports and services. You will help develop and receive an individual plan of services that provides all of this information.


For further information, please contact Program Director for Case Management Services at 989-739-1469