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Family Support Network is an evidence-based practice that improves the quality of life for adolescents with severe emotional disturbances and substance use disorders.  Treatment helps youth and their families address both disorders concurrently by utilizing a multi-disciplinary team of treatment providers.

What can I expect?

¨ Team Approach:  A team including substance abuse specialist, social worker(s), psychiatrist, therapist(s), case manager(s) and family members join together to give youth ongoing
individualized care.

¨ Stage-Wise Interventions:  Youth with co-occurring disorders gain the ability to recover through five stages of personal change.

¨ Time Unlimited Services:  Services will be provided at the discretion of the consumers and their families.

¨ Services are Provided where needed:  FSN team members provide services in the home or other community settings.

¨ Group Treatment:  Group treatment that addresses severe emotional disturbance and
substance use disorders concurrently.

¨ Peer group support:  Groups will consist of other youth with similar struggles.

¨ Family support:  Parent education groups assist family members to help their adolescent cope with symptoms.

¨ Medication Therapy:  Medications can help reduce mental health symptoms.

Who do I contact?

Trish – OP Program Director  989-362-8636